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6V 10W Editor bulb source

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  • 6V 10W Editor bulb source

    Has anyone found a source of reasonably priced bulbs for movie editors? I'm in the market for a dual 8 editor but want to make sure I can purchase replacement bulbs when I need them.

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    This one is easier than you could ever hope!

    These are often used on motorcycles and you stand a decent chance of finding them at your local auto parts store. It's a common enough application it might even have an LED equivalent by now.

    Editor: (5001 6V 10W Editor Lamp)

    Honda! (BULB, STOP LAMP (6V10W) (5001) (OSRAM))

    If you stick with editors that use this lamp (list in first website), you shouldn't have any trouble.


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      Thanks Steve,

      The Honda link lists unavailable...


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        That might just mean on some Motorcycle Forum somewhere, somebody is saying "These taillight bulbs are often used in movie editors."!

        I can tell you from experience, you don't want to buy these direct from Honda: I have a Civic and they wanted $120 for the same engine belt I got from a local auto parts store for $29.99!

        -but seriously folks: the generic part number will go on, otherwise millions of motorcycles won't pass inspection.


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          I found that the motorcycle version had a slightly different filament, curved rather than the straight one in the usual one sold with editor viewers, but worked OK. I haven't seen many recently at the local auto/bike store. Maybe motorbikes have gone to 12v, but not being I rider I wouldn't know.

          As for LED replacements I suspect they would be made with the light focused directly away from the cap not in all directions like the filament ones and not work in a viewer.


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            I guess in an application where the location of the light source at the point of focus is critical, LEDs wouldn't play too well. I have a couple of automotive incandescent replacements and they are a cylinder with many LED's distributed around it.

            They are great for what I need them for: we use them as interior lighting in our camper and they replaced 30 Watts lighting power with about 6 watts. Sometimes we are on battery power and this makes a big difference. It basically makes time with lights on a "don't care".

            Steve Osborne (of Reel Image fame) e-mailed me tonight to remind me he has stock of halogen editor bulbs, which are much brighter than regular incandescents. Anybody wanting details should e-mail him at thereelimage_043(at)


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              Ba15s (6v/10W) lamps should do the job. You can pick up 10 for a fiver on ebay making them useful spares/backups

              This chap on the linked video below explains the naming convention far better than I ever could.

              Brian has a good point about the shape of the filament though as I have never really thought about that to be honest. I am not aware of a specification for the filament shape so not sure if this might vary through design or chance!

              I can attest that 'modern' motorcycle electrics are all 12v as they are on my Triumph Speed Four and Sprint ST1050. 6v lamps are still widely available for the vibrant classic scene as my Velocette Viper is 6v

              I have no doubt the Halogen available from Steve Osborne at the Reel Image will be far superior to standard incandescent lamps 👍