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  • Jurasic park.feature

    One i dont think will be easy to get, but i am on the look out for this feature. Even harder is to find one with good sound as i understand there was a problem with the sound stripe.
    i have tried the dealers but not a chance, i think reel image had one back along but i was too late, sadly it appears that copy was sent but never got paid so if its out there and looking for a good home here i am. I would expect it to be cheap though.

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    Tom, Steve Osborne can provide a new Super 8 print of this feature if you can't find a Forum member offering one for sale. I imagine the digest has kindled such inquiries.


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      Cheers Burton

      I was hoping that whoever bought the feature off the reel image in the past and didn't pay for it may be a forum member here and may be bored with it by now, and perhaps gift it to me, he wouldnt be losing any cash thats for sure Fat chance i think.
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