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    That's brilliant! I did a test years ago and found that recordings made using the Goko 8008 sounded better than the ones I had done on the GS.


    Here's a thread about using the Renzo box with a GS-1200 and a DVD player.


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      I would like to know more about that modification you have done on the goko 8008, that would make good kit /add on, looks like a feedback circuit using two wheels, one on the prism, and one on the motor drive, with some circuitry between to match the two up ?


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        Hi Paul!
        First you need a GS 1200 with the ESS electronic inside. I have rebuild this electrinic Part of the GS in a seperate Box. This need many many time to work.
        I f you have a GS 1200 you can conect some wires from the Main Board to the Goko and it should be working too. You need wires from the main Motor Conector on the Main Board ( 4 Pins. + - and the Generator Coil) Than you need a Wire from the Reed Swich Conector on the main Board of the GS 1200.

        In the Goko Rm 8008 you need two Discs with Opto Couplers to reed the Holes in them. The Motor Shaft must be makeing longer to the Back of the Chassis and you need a Shaft on the Prisma with a Disc with 18 Slots only 1mm whide. The Disc on the Motor need 32 Holes in it. The Opto Couplers are CNY 36. Than you need a Power supply for this CNY36. The one on the Prisma Disc must be connect with the Reed Swich conector in the GS 1200 and the other one with the two Pins of the Generator Coil Conector in the GS 1200 The + & - of the Goko Motor must be wired on the +/- on the GS 1200 main Board. I have put a swich in there to change the Elmo elctronic with the original Goko electronic to use the Viewer in it´s original wise.


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          I am just curious to know what will happen in there is 4-8 missing frames due to bad splice, etc? will the sound can catch up to synch?


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            You must make a komplete new Sound Master which has all missing frames cut out. This Master Perfo Tape was recordet now on the Film and will stay in sync. You also can do this with a Computer.