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GS1200 "GOVERNOR" Board "V3" : Ultimate version

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  • GS1200 "GOVERNOR" Board "V3" : Ultimate version

    Hello ,

    Here is version 3 ("V3") of GS1200 "GOVERNOR" Board :

    - A monitoring LED has been added to check if BA6301 I/C is properly powered (6V). This section was built with cms components.
    - Plate is green FR4 dual lays, metalized vias, white serigraphy.
    - Connectors (floating) are reinforced to increase electrical contacts quality.
    - Wires are crimped in sleeves then soldered on board for a better durability.
    - Thumb nuts fixture : No tool necessary to remove / reinstall board
    - 2 legs to allow a perfect horizontal installation (necessary due to floating connectors)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	BA6301V3.LED.JPG
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0160-08-06-20-06-34.JPG
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    Those who are interested in some boards (very few will be available) , anyway for a very competitive price, send me a message.
    (Boards will come complete, tested and pre-adjusted, as a kit including harware and fixtures, installation documents and product datasheet).

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    That's great news Phil! I really admire how you have strived to perfect this board, ending up with a design which is superior in every way to the original Elmo design. Not only that, but we now end up with a diagnostic LED inside the projector. Well done!


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      Many thanks for your comments Paul !!
      In fact, managing with connectors was a bit challenging. I gave up the former MOLEX configuration due to a poor product received from a famous Electronic Components supplier (and more expensive too, a high price do not mean a high quality garanted ) .
      Then I have also changed for a much better soft to design Board as I want.
      I have learnt a lot during this experience.
      Special warm Thanks for an Electronic Engineer (French Films Forum) who guided me for specific points.


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        Hello GS1200 Fans,

        I have made an "Alternative Procedure" (Created from "Power Point") to set Nominal 18/24 Speeds for GS1200 family.
        This procedure requires a Multimeter offering Frequency Measures capability.
        Procedure is easy to apply and accurate.

        This procedure will be sent as a "bonus" to GS1200 Owners who get a V3 board or have booked one ONLY.


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          Hello GS1200 Fans,

          First of all, thanks a lot for whose who bought V3 Boards and hope they bring you full satisfaction.

          1) Each board is delivered with a « Datasheet & Components List » . Each board is a bit different from an other and more particularly for R18, R19, R20, R23 values. Why ?
          I made all my possible to get trim pots setted at mid-range for each target 24 or 18 Fps as well. (+/- 100 Ohms for 10K full range) : I consider that this is one more quality point.
          Resistors used on these boards are 1% class. In despite of that I noticed a fluctuation in the result
          So I was led to adjust resistors above mentionned untill I obtain a good setting point.

          In case you change setting values for any reason, you can come back to "Factory" settings using adjustments values shown in Datasheet !!

          At the end it takes me one full labor day to achieve a board

          2) As a Bonus , I provide with V3 Board an « Alternative Speeds Setting Procedure » to adjust Nominal speeds with a good accuracy.
          This service is reserved for those who order a V3 Board
          The procedure is easy to apply and needs a cheap Multimeter offering Frequencies measurements.(As an exemple, one shown here is sold around 25 Euros)
          To be note that ELMO GS1200 Service Guide do not give « keys » to set speeds. They only mentionned a reference tool C0004 (Which is a Frequencemeter)

          Here is a picture showing Multimeter Display during Tests and Adjustments.......

          Click image for larger version  Name:	P1010403.JPG Views:	0 Size:	83.5 KB ID:	16357


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            Your efforts are very much appreciated Phil!

            Straight forward to fit, vastly better quality and performance than the original part!

            Now on my machine with this upgraded V3 board fitted, once the ESS Pulse meter is set I can switch speeds on my pulse sync box and not have to readjust that hard to see little pulse guage even when switching down to 18fps. Settles faster too, a big improvement as I run sync sound from CD for my self made movies & will improve the re recording of package movies.


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              Thank you for posting your positive experience Mark, it is especially great to hear the installation is straight forward. I am expecting mine this week. There is so much talent in this community, thumbs up to Phil who incidentally will offer a similar board for Beaulieu projectors.


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                Hello Mark, Thanks a lot for your "Feed Back", sharing your own experience is very helpfull for GS1200 owners.

                I have been working a lot on this project from Dec 2019 , improving the product, step by step, untill I am fully satisfied.
                This makes a good "makeover" to GS1200 machine to a high quality standard what has never been proposed before.

                Hello Alan, you are right , yours is located in "Jamaica NY" Post Senter for the moment.

                Yes, I am preparing a Post concerning Beaulieu 708 Stereo "New" Board : a Test Board was realized and works great !
                Its quality Standard will be very high too.

                The new Beaulieu Board will be proposed as a "package" (similar to ELMO) including Documents and spare items !!

                Keep connected !!


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                  I also purchased one of these GS1200 boards from Phil, but have not yet installed it. Good to know from Mark that it is an easy install and works better than the OEM board from Elmo. Along with the board Phil supplies detailed install instructions and the full specs of the components. Great customer service!


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                    I had a little spare time this evening to devote to installing Phils new Governor board for the Elmo GS1200. Installation was a breeze and everything works as expected right out of the box. What great engineering and design. Anyone thinking of purchasing this but worried the installation might be beyond your skill level I can assure you the installation is very basic and only requires a screwdriver and Allen wrench.

                    Here is a picture of the GS1200 Governor board V3 Ultimate version up and running in my GS1200.

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                      I bought two of these units, too but I haven't had the time to fit them in the machines, yet. So I am very pleased by Alan's words on the ease of installation. Also if I understood properly. Phil you are working on a similar device to enable a Beaulieu to perform the same things as the GS 1200? So will it be possible to run sync double system sound on them, too? In this case count me in for a unit of those. Cheers.


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                        Hello Alan,

                        Thanks a lot for this Feedback infos.

                        New Installation looks great inside your machine.👍

                        Keep in touch with anymore "Projects".........!!


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                          Hi Maurizio,

                          1) It is not possible to "control" (or drive) a Beaulieu 708 from a GS1200.

                          2) It could be possible to "Control" (or drive) a GS1200 from a Beaulieu 708 Stereo incorporating few modifications (adding an Infra red sensor including a small signal Amp and a half moon blade fitted on main Beaulieu shaft , but I have not tested yet this configuration) .

                          New Beaulieu board is directly interchangeable with former one and can not allow to control Beaulieu from GS1200.

                          NB : you can send me an Email describing your "Customized" need, I will try to tell you what is possible to do.......

                          All my best

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