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My new "Film Storage" unit, it's finally coming together

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  • My new "Film Storage" unit, it's finally coming together

    The new large 4x3 screen is up, my new desk and chair is installed, all the racks are up, most of the 8mm films are on them, and nearly all my equipment is now out there too! It's been a long time getting here, but things are finally coming together, when I can, I'll try and list some photos, but I'm not great at this kind of thing, so it may be a bit hit and miss, but I will try once evertyhing is finally out there. I can't wait to start running film out there, with my new screen, and new 16mm projector as well. I'll update this once more is found (I just found a box of 200' cardboard 8mm boxes, which I have to hot glue togeteher, didn't even know I had them!). I'm finding more and more I never new I had, you can't beat it, can you!
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    Morning Barry, that's great news and congratulations!

    With your discoveries of items you never realised you even had, I'm picturing the joyous face of a young boy on Christmas morning unwrapping the present he always wanted but never thought he'd get! 😊

    It will be great to see as many pictures of the completed facility and if I managed it (with some help from Doug) then I'm sure you can too 😉

    I'm in a similar situation up here on Bute - I have bought A LOT of 8+16mm films and equipment since returning to the hobby 4yrs ago which are still in boxes waiting to be unpacked and stored/displayed and enjoyed in the living-room of my new flat in a few months time (once the room has been redecorated and I have 2 bespoke storage-units built and attached to the walls) - although I know the main films and projectors that I have, I'm sure that when I eventually unpack everything that I too will be saying to myself, "ooh, I forgot I bought that!" 😊



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      I've already sold something this morning that was just waiting to be 'found' again, so I've started on a good note!


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        Well there you go - you're a natural born salesman! 😉