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  • Farnworth 2021

    Hi all,
    Further to my post of 12th March 2020 regarding taking over the running of Farnworth Film Day, due to the current situation caused by the Covid 19 virus along with the uncertainty of the hall, I regret to announce that I will no longer be running this event.

    If anyone would like to take on the running of the film day at Farnworth or at any other venue, please feel free to drop me a message or email me at

    Regards to all, Clive

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    I just want to thank you Clive for all the great ground work you put in to try and get this off the ground. Having experience of running film fairs it is a stressful job, hard work and months of work. On behalf of UK film collectors thank you for your time and effort.
    God bless.


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      Thank you Lee, I hope to bump into you at Blackpool providing it is still on.
      Keep safe and all good wishes.


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        Clive - I know Farnworth 2021 may not be practical after the fall out caused by the virus. I as wondering whether you are considering the possibility of Farnworth 2022, or is that, in your eyes, also a definite no ? Whatever the outcome, thank you for at least stepping forward in the first place.


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          Hi Melvin and sorry for the late reply. I has been my birthday weekend and things have taken a back seat. I would like to say it is not the end of Farnworth, but I'm not getting any younger and I live quite a distance from Farnworth, which makes things even more difficult, but never say never. At the moment I'm not looking at a film day in 2022, but who knows. If someone that lived in the area would be interested in helping out, that might put a different light on things.
          Regards, Clive