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  • Return Of The Phoenix

    I bought this particular copy on its release back in the 1970s. It must have been 1981-82 I sold it. About two years ago a copy came up for sale, so I thought it would be nice to buy it for old times sake. What surprised me was finding my old stamped flat address on the box, it was the same print that had done the rounds out there for 30 odd years only to come back.

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    Great story Graham! This is liken to writing your name on a dollar bill or throwing a note in a bottle out to sea. There's always a chance it will return to your path some day. However the percentage for a film to boomerang is much greater with the dwindling number of film enthusiasts these days.


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      Hey Graham,

      Was the print still in New Zealand? If it was anywhere else this starts to become downright miraculous!

      Years ago I spotted an optical "Life and Times of Grizzly Adams" and made sure Osi knew about it. He replied "Thanks! I've already had that one!".


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        Thanks Janice


        I think it must have stayed in NZ, fellow forum member Pat was selling some films, Phoenix was one. After buying it, I said to Pat its got my address on the back so where he got it I haven't a clue


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          Great story, Graham.

          I have never been a big fan of the 200' cut downs when there is a 400' cut down version, too (except when it is different footage EG The Muppet Movie / Patton (speech) ), but the 200' version of this one crossed my path recently and was totally impressed by it and just can't wait to track down the 400'. I just felt it was so ironic that this happened to me so recently, then you post this thread.


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            Quite possibly my favourite 400' cutdown, my very first back in the day (late 70's), would love to get one with the same great colour my first one had. Great story Graham, amazing how these things turn out.


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              Thanks Melvin and Del

              I agree Del finding one with the original color would be great. The dreaded Eastman from the 1970s was the downfall of many of these films including 35mm....pity.