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Elmo Projector Angst. Thoughts ?

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  • Elmo Projector Angst. Thoughts ?

    As I mentioned elswhere my son recently bought a super 8 projector thats been a bit of bad luck. Sadly his first machine.

    I did at first think the sound heads were totally worn away, but its turned out there was just so much muck around them and although worn they are still OK-ish.

    Its an elmo single track ST160.

    Well the seller ( nice chap ) has agreed to take it back though Jordan looses one ways carriage and we have to pay to send it back but should get that back at least.

    But part of me wants to try to save it. It is slightly tatty for an elmo, signs of use etc.

    It is scratching though at the moment.

    The thing is there is a lot of plastic film path wear, and it will need around £100 worth of parts from Van Eck, both the inlet shute and top sprocket shue with the extra roller at least, worth spending on say a GS or maybe even a minter st180 or Silver 600 possibly.

    Anyone tried the van Eck parts, by the way as they look good ? Its great what they do there.

    Its also very knocky in forward, and I`m pretty certain its the claw catching in the gate slot a little.

    Does anyone know how this can be dealt with please.

    Its also horrendously noisey through the top sprocket shue, though I`ve freed the gunked up single roller, its not helped.

    Also oddly trying slight finger pressure odd ways to realign it etc does not help, I do wonder if the whole unit was wrong from the start as seems to be nothing you can do for that, its the worst I`ve come accross on that footing.

    I`ve also noticed there seems to be no tension at all on the feed spool, I`m pretty sure there should be a little as the film sort of on and off boules off if you will.

    Can anyone please describe how if we tried to stick with it we might adjust the claw in the gate slot please.

    Though I am thinking as we have the option to just take a small hit we should simply bung it back in the post as lookng like bit a expensive for a very low end machine.

    One thing in its favour it has the later, flat and better threading arm set up under the gate which is more reliable than the round brass roller ones, though it is alittle out of line.

    Or anyone have any done guides they can please sell, to keep costs down.

    I`m tempted to just take the £60 + hit myself and put it in the cupboard or just give it away too. I sadly gave a much nicer ST600 away not long ago before Jordan quickly went all super 8 keen all of a sudden.

    Good news is he got a wonderful pack of fairly priced and nice disney 200 footers and odd shorts etc last week from one of cines really nice chaps, who put some real effort in with them re filmgaurd and finding original boxes etc and is he is absolutely over the mooon with them and has already done a little show for my grandaughter.

    Though his mum is looking on with shall we say slight concern, maybe not worry as such, re cine and its many pitfalls, and he did step in one straight away after all.

    Shame I messed up and effectively almost gave away effectively my mint ST1200HD not long ago. But these things happen.

    Well regarding the ST160, one good cine friend has already said sort of get shot if you can, and it makes sense, but I hate to see a machine just go to the wall.

    We may have a nice GS800 option, or if anyone has a nice minty 600 or 180 going it might almost be worth keeping as spares.

    I suppose the thing to say is Bloomin Cine. But it just gets you !!!

    Many thanks and thoughts ? Mark.
    Last edited by Mark Todd; July 19, 2020, 03:26 AM.

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    Get rid of it. It sounds a load of s..t.
    Pay more and get something that's in good condition.



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      My thoughts would be send it back or throw it away, from what you have described and costing it's not worth doing as there are so many other machines out there, send it back and at least get something towards another machine, a few on Ebay at the moment with low use and tested,Mark


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        You do have a point people but it is an Elmo !!!

        I also wonder if I should just put it down to experiance and cover the £61.50 for Jordan myself.

        My OCD is telling me to do that at the moment re couriers etc.

        I know its OK but my noodle does`nt think so.

        But at least my sons enjoying the hobby.

        He`s well away with my Ok HD at the moment.

        Hes said he fancies a GS800 or a HD.

        Best Mark.


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          It is an Elmo but an Elmo that needs parts and from what you say other issues sorting, you'll then have a £161 Elmo that still needs other issues sorting if you can do the work yourself.

          You have a working ST1200 so use that for now, as you said your into 16mm now not 8mm so an obvious choice,send back, parts or throw the ST160 as it's not worth messing about with, as I said plenty of them about but sounds like your sorted machine wise,Mark


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            Hi Mark, eerr yes, when you put it so clearly like that, its not viable or sensible.

            Its the flippin hobby just gets you though.

            One thing to learn is never buy an 8mm machine off a 16mm person as even if they think it sounds sweet and right etc !!! compared to 16mm perhaps, sort off !!!

            Best Mark.


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              Marcus. You can get worn magnetic sound heads repaired to as new. It's called Head Relapping cost is about £25 and will last another life.

              Guides on Elmos are another thing but you can do a cheap repair using thin model sheet plastic cut to fit along the groove. Done a few and when you have a neat fit glue in place coating top with silicone.