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High pitch "whistling" type sound on Elmo GS1200 right audio channel

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  • High pitch "whistling" type sound on Elmo GS1200 right audio channel

    I've just noticed this high pitch "whistling" type sound that is coming fro the right audio channel on my Elmo GS1200 and have to run audio with the right channel volume turned off. I've not done too much testing yet to ascertain exactly under what conditions this happens, although it does appear to be a constant. I've cleaned the sound head but that did not help.

    I think I may have noticed that sometimes when you power the projector off and back on then it will be gone and them may come back again...

    Any thoughts as to what the cause could be?


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    i've had this on monaural machines and on one track of a twin track machine too. Most of the time it goes away by working the audio switches and jacks.

    There was once on track 2 of my ST-1200HD that this didn't do the job. That time I figured (guessed, really) that the pre-amp IC for that track had gone bad and I fixed the problem by replacing it.


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      This happened to me with my GS1200 a year or two back. A friend with more technical know how than me showed me a trick to solve it.......

      Without any film threaded, simply press the "record" button and set the machine going for about three seconds. Job done ! The screech has never far...!


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        XANDER what a fantastic name you have and welcome.

        The press the record button switch fix is not only applicable to this machine but also Eumig,Yelco and more.
        It all boils down to dirty or oxidized switch terminals. If you can delve carefully a little further squirt the switch contacts with a little Contact Cleaner then the quick fix will last longer.
        As with a car its a regular maintenance requirement these days.


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          Thanks for the advice, guys; the first time this happened to me, it was such a loud screech, I nearly jumped out of my skin and my dog hid in the basement for an hour.


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            Thanks all for the advice and the warm welcome

            @Lee: which specific "switch contacts" are you referring to above or do you just mean all of them in general?


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              Quite commonly I’ve seen this come from the track selection switch, and sometimes from the red record key too.

              It’s an absolutely deadly sound! Doubly so when you feed it through an amplifier!

              What’s sad is I still have to convince the rest of the household I’m not doing it on purpose!


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                Not sure you still need advice on this but take a look at how I opened up and cleaned my GS which had the same issue. Now I have NO whistles, cracks or any hums anymore.


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                  I did the recording button trick and that seems to have resolved the issue, but thanks for the other tips - I will follow this should the issue return. Regards