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  • Bjorn Andersson

    Hey Guys:

    I sent my camera Beaulieu 7008 Pro from the USA to Sweden for repairs to Bjorn Andersson based on the positive comments made by others here about the quality of his work.

    I made sure to include a tracking number for the package itself but it has yet to be updated since December 19th when it arrived in Sweden.

    I emailed Bjorn several times asking him if by any chance he has the camera but so far I have not received any response from him in over a week and I was wondering if anyone has had contact with him recently.

    i'm hoping the camera is not stuck in customs but anything is possible I guess .


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    He was online a few days ago so he could be on holiday now. I’m sure he will get back to you soon.


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      thanks for for the info. My only concern is the tracking number to my camera shows it was delivered yesterday.

      Im just surprised he never emailed as I requested.

      i know he's a cool guy. But I'm just not used to getting zero response.

      hpefully I'll hear back from him soon. I know he's a busy guy.



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        Hi Rich, I have during the time we have talked about your camera and after it arrived and been repaired, sent you several mail that as li looks not arrived or been read. The TNT number you by misstake received as by misstake sent you was for another customer. Your camera was sent out yesterday and are still in EU on the way to you. /Bjorn