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  • Bell and Howell 487

    I have what I think is a BnH 487 and there appears to be some sort of shade or filter in front of the lamp that I cant seem to get up. Makes the screen unreadable.Its the discoloured square.

    unreadbleeadable. Looking for ideas. Thanks to Doug for helping post this.Click image for larger version

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    Does your projector have a still device setting?
    It is usual with projectors which do have this setting to have a perforated shutter plate which drops down when in single frame mode. This is to prevent the film from burning when stationery with the lamp unprotected. The perforations let through a reduced light intensity which will let a single frame be projected.
    It is possible that this shutter type assembly will lift when the single frame lever is released. If it does not release then perhaps a linkage has slightly seized.
    You may have to give it more attention to ascertain what is wrong.
    I should point out that I do not know this particular model, so my answer is something of a guess!



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      Willard Miller Welcome to the Forums! Maurice is spot on with his response. The perforated plate that drops down is most likely stuck in the down position. It could be just bent or seized due to non-use. Examine the plate to determine the cause. If you do not plan on using the still feature...the plate can be removed.