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  • Accessories!

    Hello everyone –Granted; I´m not among the most eager participants here on the site! However this is the place where to get the best and most useful answers:

    My family movies - double and super 8mm - especially the film my dad recorded (is it called recorded talking about motion pictures?) back in the 1960s, has become a little “stiff and brittle” and most of the cement splices need to be made again. Here in Denmark I unfortunately believe that 8mm film has disappeared for ever. No one seems to know anything about this medium any longer – now it is all iphone - and digital cameras, if it has to be something related to making movies.

    Can´t buy film (8mm and 16mm) at all, in this country. Asking for this in at photo shop, the clerk will look at you, believing that you have just come from outer space, many light-years away, and will not understand what you are asking for – it´s very sad. The same goes for accessories, nothing! Perhaps on an online fleemarket, if you are lucky.
    Any suggestion where to buy “lubricant” (from someone who are selling and sending to Denmark) suitable for movies? I have about 2.3 kilometer of film, a little more than half is super 8mm with magnetic soundstribe! Is it possible, without any risk, to clean films with 93% denatured alcohol? And will it do any harm to the magnetic soundstripe, before lubricating? And what about lubricate and magnetic soundstripe?

    The same goes for film cement, any suggestions? Wittner in Germany I believe have some, but they are little expensive to trade with. Van–Eyck in Netherland the same; many fine things, but again the price. Perhaps someone knows alternatively place where to buy?

    I have a 122 meter double super 8mm Ektachrome 100D in the fridge (just as I wrote in here several years ago) waiting to be used as material for subtitles e.g. for the family film. It is more than thirty years since I last put a double standard 8mm film in a camera. Now this Ektachrome is to be used in a refurbish Bolex DS H8 camera. I´m not absolutely sure, in what way to insert it the camera? (A-winding / B-winding) I do also have a Fomapan reversal black/white (of cause) film, as a test film. Ever since the late 1970s I have been using Kodak cassettes only, so I have forgotten all about, in what way to load a film correct (A/B)!

    Having a Weberling duo soundstripe machine on the shelf (bought a Bolex soundstiper yesterday very cheap) going to use it when I have finish my subtitles, but; where to find glue for the magnetic stripe, I haven´t got any left?

    Last: I am In need of 120 meter (400 ft) reels. DISASTER, when watching some of these family movies a couple days ago, the idiot here forgot, that the old reels was locked, so the end of a few films had about three pictures perforation torn apart, and one frame was burnt. Therefore new reels without the “lock” (or self trading reels) - any way to repair those two/three frames, like when using splicing tape?

    Any of you familiar with this site: this time I can´t figure out whether this is scam and fraud, or it is OK?

    The best autumn greetings from Denmark - Karsten

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    Hi, If I remember right, A/B winding applies only to films with perforation on one side only, while for double perforation films you usually speak of emulsion in and emulsion out. Foma is emulsion in, this means that if you have to insert in the bolex, the film should fall from the right side and the spool must run clockwise. It's very probable that also the Ektachrome is wound emulsion side in. As this is a double perforation, if the film is not already on 30mtr spools, you may wind it on a spool and then load directly in the camera.


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      Magnetic stripe and glue can be purchased from


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        Hi Fabrizio – I believe that you are right about loading film correct. I must admit the after so many years without doing so, I wasn´t too sure! Thanks a lot answering my perhaps a little peculiar question!

        Hi Douglas – I have totally forgotten FFR Filmtechnik. I have traded with Kinotechnik Rinser several times, he was offering all sorts of accessories, also what I am in need for, but I believe that he had retired, since he can´t be found anymore? Many thanks to you too!

        By the way; do any of you two have any idea, about cleaning film with denatured alcohol? Would it be useful or would it harm the film? And what about the soundtrack would it survive? I simply can´t find an answer anywhere…



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          As far as I know, denaturated alcohol is not a good product for film. In Italy we use sometimes "Smacchiatore AVIO" and is found in the grocery stores. The best one is the one made by Sylvan and the content of the bottle indicates: Hydrocarbons, C6, Hysoalkanes, <5% N-Hexane, Methil acetate.
          It doesn't affect magnetic stripe, doesn't have any lubricant power and it's quite volatile, but it cleans quite well.

          Another product you may use is Tetenal Graphic Arts Film Cleaner, but it's quite expensive and very volatile


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            Hi Fabrizio - I have found both several places in Europe. Thanks, Karsten