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Weird Kodak poly VS type thing !!!

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  • Weird Kodak poly VS type thing !!!

    Well this is a new one for/to me !!!

    I have had odd slight issues with poly film but not on this level.

    I recently got a very nice Super 8 600 feet kodak poly film, original box etc.

    But on taking it out found there was this wierd type gunge on the emulsion side mainly ranging from 1 to 3 odd inches of film covered, seemed to be all the way through and going down through the film. It came and went more seemingly all the way some bits worse than others.

    The unnafected film looked OK, but as you unwound it it was sticking and pulling way in the affected places.

    Now it wasn`t mould or anything like that at all, it was sort of yellowey and gunky, manky and really nasty.

    In to and lifting the emulsion off etc.

    Its was truly horrible to look at or what it was doing to the film.

    Wrapped in a bag and now bunged in the bin to be on the safe side.

    Definately polyester and superb 80`s stock.

    Its an odd one and no smell at all even though so bad.

    It definately seemed to be something that was spreading through the film too.

    Oh Bugger !!!!

    Best Mark.
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    I've just been scanning all my home movies from the 90's and found two or three 50ft reels exactly as you describe. Out of over 30 home movies, it is only two or three films affected and it's a gunky, sticky, almost mould-like issue (except it isn't mould) with no smell just as you describe. I've cleaned the films countless times with various film cleaners and neat isopropyl which has perhaps made it less sticky but whatever it is, it's not coming off! I'm not sure what film stock it is, there is no marking on the films, leader or 50ft spool (sometimes you would get a Kodak branded spool or 'Processed By Kodak' on the leader). I used Kodachrome K40 but used Agfa more often simply because it was a little cheaper To date it only affects a few of my old home movie stock rather than package movies. All have been stored in dry conditions, not damp and away from direct heat sources.


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      Not many home movie camera stock for Super 8 was not acetate. I think I only have one 50ft that was polyester. Single 8 is a different matter.

      Perhaps this is an issue with the gelatine that holds the emulsion to the base for the Poly stock mentioned by Mark.


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        I'm stumped, never ran into this, thankfully.