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  • New release idea ....

    I like the idea of releasing a series of classic B movie trailers, 3 per 200ft reel as usual. I am going to concentrate on the American International releases of the late 70's. The trailers I already have are mint condition unfaded Fujifilm stock. Any interest in this idea?

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    Hi Osi,

    Please let us know what features the trailers are for.

    (If you could ever pull off a trailer for "Grizzly Adams", I might be up for that!)


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      I actually used to have "Grizzly Adams" but it was sadly, faded. Island of Dr. Moreau and People That Time Forgot, so far. Land That Time Forgot was already released on Super 8. I'd like the third one to be Warlords of Atlantis. I have a neat, long trailer for Battle Beyond the Stars but it is worn and slightly faded. If I can get ahold of an unfaded in excellent condition, I'd love to make that one the third.