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Eumig 905 GL

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    There is only one belt, from the shaft of the motor drive discs up to the main drive shaft of the projector which has the worm gear on it.
    The take up shaft is gear driven and has an adjustable clutch on it, you may want to try increasing the torque on the take up shaft.


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      No, do not just increase the torque on the take up rollers, now the projector has to work harder with an allready not ideal mechanical setup. This is a very common problem for these projectors. you need to carefully disassemble the axle and keep track of which part goes where and you need to clean them. they are sticky with old grease. after cleaning put it back together exactly as it came apart and set the torque. setting the torque is not that hard, it needs to be sufficient to be able to take up the film on the reel but not to much that it pulls very hard. these models have a sprocket before the film goes to the take up reel so it can never jerk on the film that is in the gate. (like the 600's can have a jerky image when the take up tension is too high).