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Alan's New GS1200 Lamp Conversion

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  • Alan's New GS1200 Lamp Conversion

    Rather than continue this in the CineSea thread, I started this one. Here is a photo of the back of my GS1200. Would this conversion be something that one could do with a "kit" from Alan that includes the ballast and other parts needed, so the projector doesn't have to be sent out? Thanks Click image for larger version

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    Hello Joe, thanks for starting this thread. I am actually testing an improved lamp with a new ballast. I am hoping for more brightness and better color rendition. I am a few weeks out before being able to confirm everything. Regrading your GS it would indeed have to be sent along in order to make all the connections and for testing to make sure everything is working properly. In the meantime, this will be a good place for others to jump in who might be considering an HID conversion and also lets hear from those who have already undergone a conversion including those who have done their own DIY. What lamp and ballast are you using, please share your details.


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      One question I have for Alan is how do you handle loading, unloading, stopping and starting of the film since the HID lamp is always on at full brightness. Is the GS1200 perforated shutter (drops in place for still frame) good enough to prevent film damage?
      Another question is " does the existing blower on the GS1200 have to be modified in any way". I would think it would need to be rewired to be on full power all the time, even when the film is stationary.


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        Hello Paul, you bring up a good concern, I attach a solid piece of metal to the existing shutter to avoid any risk of damage to the film.
        The GS and ST are perfect contenders for the conversion no need for any modification to the existing fan or cooling system. The lamps in question generate less heat than the stock incandescent lamps.