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    As of last night October 28th

    27 screenings for this single month!

    Plus I've been averaging 8 - 10 the previous months of this year. My end of year list is going to be big! I'll publish that here in January.

    In the 40 plus years I've been collecting movies on film, especially super 8 sound this is something I have NEVER DONE!

    Have any of you done this, too? What is the most films in a short period of time that you have run at home?

    I'd really like to read some replies on this!

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    Well with my work schedule I normally only screen films on the weekends, sometimes just Saturday or when I'm off work on vacation. About 8 or 9 years ago when I finally got my masking up and my screen painted I screened films every day for a week straight. I was so excited about the increased brightness and sharpness that I was pulling out this and that and everything.

    I was off work back in the spring because of this virus for almost 3 months and while I did catch up on screenings I did a quite a bit of organizing too so even though I had planned on screening films every day it didn't work out that way.

    Looks like you have been having a non stop film festival for a month straight!


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      Hi Chip well done.
      Only marathons we had were in the latter part of the 80s and can boast 5 S8 features in a day. With our merry group of cranks I mean enthusiasts we used to rotate each others home cinemas taking our turn at least once a month. Excellent fun and memories of course.
      A shadow of that still carries on here with a weekend afternoon show followed by a evening show a little later.

      I really enjoy a themed show as well as when we did the Gone with the Wind screenings back in the early 90s every sunday afternoon for a year with small numbers visiting to watch it from Ladies groups, cake bakers and Church groups etc. Wonderful fun and word soon got about booming numbers.

      Admire your list of films screened and encouraging for new home projectionists

      Well done