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  • Your help needed for University research paper

    Hello all. I teach film making at UWE, Bristol. We are ranked 4th in the UK for the quality of our film degree. As an active lecturer/practitioner and film collector I have always made sure that our students are aware of the history of film, making and showing. For us on this forum the fact that young people have no concept of celluloid is a very sad point. As such I have always introduced my cohort of students to film, offering them super 8 days where we discuss celluloid and I show them proper films using my GS. Those students that are keen to try super 8 film making I loan them cameras from my collection, and they thoroughly enjoy making actual film. All this is not on the course, but , to me, it is important that this next generation and more are aware of what came before digital film production. As such I have been tasked with writing an extensive research paper on the history of home cinema (not film making as there are several very good tomes on super 8 film making) So, my dear fellow hobbyists worldwide, Im asking for your help in the following: your personal thoughts on the hobby, how you came into the hobby of film collecting and showing (as detailed as possible, please censor any names etc that you do not wish known) I would also like to compile an exhaustive list of all super 8 films that were ever printed. And a list of the super 8 film distributors worldwide. I appreciate the time you may take in this request but the value of this paper educationally would be extensive, perhaps even allowing a module solely based on celluloid. I also welcome any other pertinent information re the hobby that you have, funny instances whilst projecting or collecting etc etc. If you have any photos that you would be happy to share with this paper, that would be incredibly well received and footnote credits will be evidentially if you ae happy to have your name in print. Phew, it is a big request but we are an eclectic lot and am sure you have superb advice and information. Please, if you can help, would you send me your stories/pictures/information etc etc, from all hobbyists around the world, to me at: MARK.BARTON@UWE.AC.UK A massive thank you, and stay safe all

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    If you want a list of all Super 8 films printed and distributors you have my best wishes, but suggest you start here as it is already being compiled and is taking a very long time.


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      Hello Mark,

      have you a time limit to get all you need ?

      I can get some informations from "French side" (Super 8 Home movies production) but it will take a few time.


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        As Brian says, you are welcome to use the data at At the en of the about page you will find download links to the entire database as a spreadsheet:

        If you have programming skills you have also access to APIs for downloading more structured data:

        Please note that there are still a lot of film/releases not registered yet, so the database is not complete at all even though we work towards making it more complete as best as we can.

        If there is some special things you look for and don't have programming skills yourself, you are free to make contact as I might be able to help doing special database queries, depending on how complex needs you have.


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          Wow, thank you all. No time limit, this research may take years. Please keep it coming. Stay safe all, cheers


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            Hi,Mark. With regard to home cinema and film collecting there is a wealth of information around. e.g. "How Films were made and Shown" by David Cleveland & Brian Pritchard, has a whole chapter on home cinema (Cinematographs for winter evenings. Also Gerald McKee's books Film Collecting", A Half Century of Film Collecting" and "The Home Cinema" He was a very active writer and fellow member of the Vintage Film Circle. It was really when Pathe developed 9.5mm in 1923 when amateur film making and film collecting really became affordable. They beat Kodak and 16mm by a matter of months. Hope I am not "teaching grandma to suck eggs". Ken Finch.


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              wow, thank you all, for permission to use the database, Phil for info from the French said. Many many thanks, Ill start researching in January as there is a wealth of info from you good people and online. Stay safe all.


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                Hello Mark I'll be delighted to mail you something to help you on your way. My media business took Uni students for a decade or two for the usual 6 weeks placement and most left me with with a completed Super 8 sound film and a gifted camera.

                To everyone on here please lend Mark a hand if you are able.