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  • Gaf Projector Issue

    So to start off this is a fairly simple issue I am facing but nonetheless here it is. So I opened up my projector thinking something was wrong with the film gate, so i took it off for inspection. Once I concluded all was well i was faced with a problem as i couldn't quite figure out how to put the film gate back together as it is spring loaded and im not sure how to fit the film gate with the spring into the projector. Images showing the assembly on a similar projector would be a great help although it requires disassembling the control panel where the focus and lens are. My projector is Gaf 2788Z dual 8mm, So any photos showing how the film gate fits in would really help. Here i attached some photos. Thanks Jonathan H

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    Hi Jonathan. Here is a closeup of the gate. Look carefully at the position of the springs and how the ends of the pressure plate wraps around the horizontal protrusions on the chasis to create the spring action.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	GAF-Pressure-Gate.jpg Views:	0 Size:	189.5 KB ID:	2225
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      Thanks Janice I was able to successfully reassemble the projector and now it runs smoothly.


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        Glad you got it all back together again Jonathan. Here is a video I made of a similar model GAF projector. Models differ slightly in features and lamp types, but they operate pretty much the same. This projector I converted the bulb to a low cost halogen.