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A Walt Disney Christmas

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  • A Walt Disney Christmas

    I bought this film new when it first was released. We do screen it every Christmas so its had a lot of use over the years. A few weeks ago, I thought I would have a look at it before Christmas. The print has faded a wee bit, but nothing as bad as some I have seen, however watching it, did remind me of the Derann full length films I bought many moons ago of "Santa's Workshop" and "The Night before Christmas".

    That had me thinking that it was time to upgrade the original "Walt Disney Christmas" I removed the two original shorter versions and replaced them with the now stunning color Derann prints.

    I still have the original "Toy Tinkers" at the start, followed by the now full length "Santa's Workshop" and "The Night Before Christmas" finishing with the original Pluto's Christmas Tree. This extends the film to around 500ft.

    Watching this extended version I think is much better, so if you have those two excellent Derann films, it might be worth considering replacing the shorter ones with the full length versions, the end result does look good

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    Graham, if you want to replace this in the future, I would highly suggest getting a copy of this from the U.K. as quite a few were printed on low fade stock. I bought mine just a few years ago and it's on AGFA stock!


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      My Walt Disney print is still great color and sound: it's a shame it's so seasonal. It only gets screened once a year and it's already had its turn.

      I don't usually show railroad films with my wife in attendance, but the other night I declared "A Train for Christmas" an Official Christmas Film and it joined the show! (I mean: c'mon! -it's in the title!)


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        Thanks Osi

        I did get one from Derann years ago from there second hand list and I gave it to my son many years ago, he still has it. Its Christmas day at the moment, we are heading over to his place later, I will ask him to put it on, I had not thought of that print until you mentioned it


        Perfect choice


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          I've got a couple of the low fade prints (I intend to sell one but I need to find it first!) and it clear that they were not WDHM prints. One is still shrink wrapped and it's a white box with a printed copy of the front and one edge of the WDHM release attached. I think someone actually duped the prints using one of the original prints, once they ceased to be available. I can't say the quality is as good as an original before fading, but they are perfectly watchable and it's good to escape the fading.