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    Well this post is a coincidence for moi!

    Just yesterday I dug out the 16mm 800 footers of both Creature from the Black Lagoon 3D and It Came From Outer Space 3D AND the first Reel (1200 foot) of the Creature from the Black Lagoon 3D 16mm feature length print! ALL are presented in Anaglyphic 3D and I’ve been procrastinating about selling them on as they’re just languishing on the shelves at present.

    Over the past 18months I’ve also sold 16mm 3D Anaglyphic feature length prints of The Mad Magician and Revenge of the Creature, both have now gone to good homes.

    Although Anaglyph presentations are never perfect (and a complete mess if the film is also in full colour too!) audiences always seem to enjoy the novelty factor and don’t have high expectations, although B/W films do yield better results in anaglyph.

    I refer to anaglyphic presentations as ‘comic book 3D’ to the uninformed, it kinda works, is a flawed system but a fun retro presentation method most viewers seem to enjoy.