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Dissapointment with some super 8 vendors

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  • Dissapointment with some super 8 vendors

    Hey Guys:

    Well, after a decade of not using my Beaulieu 7008 crystal sync camera, i decided to dust it off and get back into film as a hobby since my wife passed way a few years ago.

    I searched for places to send my once glorious Beaulieu pro bought from then named SUper8 sound now known as Pro8MM. The camera would shut down, start, stop randomly. I knew it would cost some money but I figured, I love super 8 amd the camera is in cosmetically perfect condition.

    So I whisked the camera to California and was charged $314 to have my baby's issued resolved. The Camera was sent back and the problem still to my astonishment still remained. I contacted Pro8 and let them know of my disappointment at their poor service. I was told by Phil Vigeant he was slightly insulted that I would consider him someone who didn't care about Super8 considering all he has done for the format.

    I agree without Super8 Sound back in the highpoint of the introduction of home video, would have been scattered across the four winds. In the end I decided to scoot my camera to Sweden to Bjorn Andersson who point out that virtually no service was performed on my camera. I became perturbed at the through I was not only give so-so service but also taken for a fool. That left a bad taste in my mouth. I noticed also that ProMM makes its meat and potatoes on seeling super8 negative and the digital transfer services. I was told they don't really service cameras anymore except the ones they build ,

    So I got my camera back from Bjorn Andersson and he did a major overhaul. The camera runs with 6 new Duracell batteries in the handle grip but I am still looking for an external battery belt or equivalent to run the camera without having to change the batteries (the 7008 Pro sucks up juice fast to run all aspects of the camera).

    I also have the original fullcoat recorder MAGIV and its been serviced and I even have nearly a hundred reels of super8 full coat. SO analog is fun and I will shoot double sync like the good ole days (or just use my iPhone and go all digital).

    I was wondering and thinking there are so many repair places and has anyone experienced a negative/disappointing service from a Super 8 vendor?