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Some nice enhancements to the Super8database...

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  • Some nice enhancements to the Super8database...


    Eivind has been hard at work once again on the Super8database...Please check out this link for the January update which has all the details:

    The help and support of many film collectors for covers, film reviews, and catalogs really is making a difference and is genuinely appreciated...

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    A great site is even better. It's nice to see the addition of German films and their covers. Many of them have excellent artwork.


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      This site is simply superb and a great addition for our community 😊


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        Great work, Greg and, of course, Elvind!


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          Sensational work - a real asset


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            Excellent news Greg and we owe you and Eivind
            a tremendous gratitude for your contribution to the hobby! Without a doubt an excellent resource that keeps on getting better!


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              Thanks for all the kind words! It is encouraging to see the interest and use of the site. The help we have received from you and others in the community that has provided covers and info, has been of tremendous help! And without the help of Greg it would have been nothing compared to what it is today.

              There have been many great reviews in this forum that we would like to link to, but we won't do that unless the original author is OK with it. You for one, Osi, has a lot of reviews here. Would you be OK with us linking to them? You can see reviews we have added here:
              With this we also hope to drive more traffic this way and let more people appreciate the effort put into writing such reviews.