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GS 1200 auto load not releasing

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  • GS 1200 auto load not releasing

    When I press on the roller under the VU meters I hear the relay or microswitch clicking

    I am not sure what to do next the power is on I pull on the film auto load does not release

    Advice appreciated thank you

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    I checked the forum archives and the problem is most likely a defective front microswitch. Depressing the green auto thread button engages a front microswitch but if it is defective the solenoid won't release the auto thread button, and it stays in the load position.


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      Hi Chip, do what I have just done with both my GS1200's, remove the plunger from the solenoid, just means you have to keep the autoload down while film is threading, if you want any help or advice PM me, Del.


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        Hello at all!
        There are two microswiches working together. One is on the left Side where the Solenoid is. It will be closed if you press the green autoload Button. The other one is on the Roller, where the Film is comming out of the Channel. This can only work, if the first microswich is closed. So you must check both of them. And old grease on the plunger will let him stuck. Spraying a little bit new Oil on there will let him move again.


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          ...Are you still having a problem with the auto-thread button not releasing!? I just cured mine over the weekend
          by replacing the front auto thread micro-switch. Your description sounds identical to the one I had. I searched the Forum archive and found the answer. All contributers are correct in that you may have to replace the two switches, but the logical sequence is to replace the front micro-switch first, if you are not going this route, you will have to send it off to be done. Either way a common problem with this model.


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            Thank you for all the answers no I have not done this it appears I will have to send it out