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Elmo GS1200 Missing Parts?

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  • Elmo GS1200 Missing Parts?

    Just received an Elmo GS1200 I bought off eBay today. First Elmo ever. Noticed the lamp came on, but very dim and take up reel arm not turning when placed in forward. Opened the back and discovered this (see pics). Can you believe someone sold me this machine for $900! Thank goodness they accepted the return right away. Looking for a good GS1200...

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    I had a gentleman on the forum very kindly offer to sell me his GS1200. I received it today and the lamp only goes full brightness on Still. On Forward and reverse it only glows slightly. Checked the fuse inside hidden low on the right side, has continuity. Checked the Normal-ESS switch and its at normal. It worked fine when he shipped it. Any idea what the problem could be. Otherwise the machine looks great and all other functions seem to be working???


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      Depending on how much you paid for it, I would ship it back for a refund if it's not as described. These machines (GS1200s) can be full of problems that are hard to fix! As far as "it worked fine when he shipped it", how well was it packed? was it double boxed? Any signs of outer damage to the box when you received it?


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        I had the film threading lever engaged. As soon as I ran film through it, it disengaged and the light shown through!. Shipping back avoided, WHOO HOO!


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          If you do not have an instruction manual you may be interested in the manual on line. Click below.
          ELMOGS1200.pdf (



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            Welcome to the nightmare please be patient and don't give up obviously you have had quite the experience from the get-go but trust me as the owner of several GS 1200s that were all in need of repair purr like kittens once they are factory rebuilt to original specifications the trick is finding a technician who can do the work and have access to the parts do that and you'll be golden in no time


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              Hello Everyone,

              I agree with all said about the GS-1200, many problems. But once they are fixed they are a Cadillac of projectors. I know a couple places that will fix them. One is here in Ca, in the San Francisco Bay Area. They are Denevi Digital and Elmo Repair. They are super nice and really good prices. Here is the link to their website. They do great work.

              The other is Optitech in Boston. I have spoken to them but never used them. I friend of mine has and he commented that they are very slow at repairs.

              You might want to contact Steve Osborne of The Reel Image and see if he has some suggestions where you could get repairs done out your way.


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                Jay, congratulations on your first working Elmo GS -1200! Maurice is correct, the manual is a good thing to have to learn your way around the many functions and features this model offers.
                I do advise that before running your most treasured prints that you use a test reel or film leader spliced into a loop and run it through for 10 minutes. Use anything that has no lines or scratches. After your test run it again and if you notice any new vertical lines on the left or right
                of the frame that were not there before then the projector will need further attention before you screen anything of importance. There is very much here on the forum that will help you in this regard. Many members have answered the call when I was seeking help. Keep us updated as to your findings.


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                  I have used Optech in N. Andover (Boston, Ma) and John is VERY good. I confirm it takes awhile. He and his brother run the company and they are very busy with light bulb sales. They have to multitask. John is very experienced with GS1200 repair. Also reasonable on the cost.