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Seeing the light and scope lens tests

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  • Seeing the light and scope lens tests

    One good thing came from my dose of Covid last year, my 'keep a positive mind project' upgrading the Eumg to HID lighting and improving sound from it.

    It turned out it was a good project dramatically improving light output for both Standard and Super 8 film on screen. The humble Eumig 800 range of machines are a fairly simple design with a pretty good reputation for reliability when loved thru the years.

    Sound wise I fitted a analogue to Digital sound converter circuit so I can feed a Optical cable to the AV amp bringing the spec a little more up to date and replaced the several Capacitors on the existing 40+ year old amplifier.

    In recent days I wanted to see which was the best Anamorphic lens to use with it so set about measuring light transmission also looking at picture clarity.
    Proscar, Kowa 8Z, Iscomorphot thru to my 35mm Ultra-Star Cinemascope lens were all lined up and measured. Not surprisingly the professional Ultra-Star came out on top delivering 14% more light to the scope screen.

    I had a temporary bracket for this but having now decided on the best lens for my Scope shows I needed a solid bracket as the lens is a weight. In the end I used the O ring fixed to a planed 2" X 2" glued and screwed into a plywood base, wood I obtained from the charity donation bin at the local wood merchants. All wood was carefully set with a setsquare and finally painted up adding some rubber feet.

    I'm happy with the end result and this is now my daily rig along with the Elmo which usually sits next to it.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	EumigLight.jpg Views:	0 Size:	86.3 KB ID:	28497

    I've taken quite a few orders for my HID conversions here in the UK over the months which has kept both work and my brain ticking over and is shows even a humble little projector can also be a top performer.