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  • Super 8 new releases for 2021 latest news

    I'll start this thread to post the latest news regarding the many new releases which are happening this year and you can keep bang up to date.

    Two very interesting reels are happening now with both having daysets, adverts and excellent trailers
    Ads, Phone spoof and Daniel Craig 2X trailer reel Stereo. Titles will be notified in the coming weeks.
    Pearl & Dean Ads ABC dayset plus REEL FRIGHTS FOR HALLOWEEN 3X great long spooky STEREO trailers.

    Will let you know when its time to order but its great to see unique NEW titles coming to our collections in a couple of months once again and something to look forward to.

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    Sounds great, Lee. Advert reels seem to go for crazy prices on eBay right now so could be really popular.


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      Most certainly
      The combination of Daysets, recent adverts, trailers and being new on one reel is reely unique and can only good news for film collectors.


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        FYI : ANY NEW releases will NO LONGER be posted on any Forums

        If you have been a previous customer of mine , you will now receive AN EMAIL OR a notice MAILED TO YOUR ADDRESS


        You may subscribe to THE REEL IMAGE magazine and receive film listings for sale .
        Here is the link : The Online Home of the World-Wide Super 8/16mm Film Maker/Collector Magazine! - The Reel Image (


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          I would have thought it was best to advertise everywhere film collector wise David and free to do so.

          Sounds good Lee, be interesting to hear the titles, Mark


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            Exciting news REEL FILM COLLECTORS!

            The new DANIEL CRAIG ADS AND TRAILER REEL has been given a release date in May 2021 and you are going to love it. It has a couple of nice surprises on it for collectors and the trailers are THE TRENCH and DEFIANCE, WW1 and II movies one of which features a beautiful and original 35mm camera..neat and will certainly compliment your Bond shows.
            Its going to be a bumper release and if you want to be part of the first print run place your orders with the REEL IMAGE.

            And don't forget to request your free copy of the excellent magazine that is produced JUST FOR YOU if you do not already subscribe.

            The REEL FRIGHTS FOR HALLOWEEN is also progressing and WAIT FOR IT!
            in time for Christmas as the first last year was a amazing success. We purchased it and have been rewarded with a second installment from
            REEL IMAGE

            So much excitement I need a lay down 😁

            Early days yet but with the sad loss of our very own Sean Connery it is hoped a special LIMITED EDITION CELEBRATORY COLLECTORS REEL on S8 will be forthcoming. Sean was a really special actor and giant of Cinema, Stage and TV I'm sure you will agree with me he needs a special new release reel on 8 to commemorate the joy he gave us all.
            R.I.P Sean Connery