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My AGFA prints have now also turned

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    Originally posted by Osi Osgood View Post
    Winbert, I have been racking my brain, trying to figure as to why these conditions happened. I know about the humidity, but we're your films stored outside in heavy heat? Is your storage facility, one of those metal "barns", if so, then yes, most definitely, not only the temperature would-be a factor, but if metal, the "barn" would become like an oven, much like when a person is shut up in a car with the windows shut, and, as we know, those situations do not end well.
    It is not in a storage facility like what you probably think. It is in my house where one room I dedicate for my Home Theatre and keeping my films. The room is made of concrete wall and to make the temperature low and has air flow I opened the window for the whole years around. But sill I think the high humidity around 80%-90% was still not friendly for films.


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      As I put on a Facebook thread, these films are LOW fade not NO fade.