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Chinon C 300 problems

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  • Chinon C 300 problems

    Hi all, I've recently got an old Chinon C 300 projector, it was working fine and then part way through playing a film it jammed. On inspection I found the cause of the jam was the sprocket that takes up the film has stopped turning. There are two of these sprocket wheels, one at the top where the film enters the projector and one lower down. Neither are turning. I've taken the case back off and found the metal bands are intact. It looks like the sprockets are run from a series of gears, none of which appear to be turning but I can't work out why.

    Does anyone have experience of this projector?

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    Hi Simon...You don't mention the condition of the main motor belt. I'm not familiar with this model projector....but in looking at a picture of the back open... there is a main motor belt that needs to turn. If this belt is stretched there may not be enough tension to move the pulley and the connecting gears.

    Click image for larger version

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