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  • Mystery Eumig P8

    I have just rescued a p8 from being dumped.It was in its original box with matching numbers,also there was an autoload attatchment,a genuine eumig take up spool for reel to reel loading [as per p8 novo series] these were fitted to the machine.
    Looking at the machine it is clearly an original p8 body i.e foldaway arms,forward only, manual rewind,A1/186 lamp.
    The autoload is all factory fitted and is of the last type made even to the pin on the rear of the lamp housing to secure the extension arm of the auto load mechanism, all from the novo series.

    the serial no is 1915458 which is the highest I have come across, all original p8`s seem to have been 5 or 6 digit numbers and subsquent models 7 digits.
    Figures from the EUMIG MUSEUM web site state that approximate 1.3 million p8 models were produced yet this starts 1.9 milion!

    Opening the back of the projector [p8 top screw, hinged back,no inching knob] revealed no lube points [p8 novo]
    The inside very clean belt broken in 3 bits but still solid, no goo or black bits Pulleys clean. Just fitted new belt.machine runs fine, even the bulb works!

    I thought I knew my p8`s but this one is a mystery to me, whilst the box is clearlt labelled P8 ther is a printed label stating zoom lens and autoload stuck on the side of the box.

    I am wondering if someone at EUMIG went round the spares bins an cobbled together an end of line special, although when I was selling these machines I cannot recall it, however that was over 50 years ago!
    I have not uploaded any images of the p8 range as VAN ECK have excellent ones on there site for comparison.

    Your thoughts please TOM

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    It's indeed a mystery, Tom.
    Only the earlier P8 models used the A1/186 lamp. Later versions used the smaller A1/215, that for a start seems odd. But mention of a zoom lens and autoload certainly seems to point to a much later version.
    You seem to have a one off.



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      I have a serial number list which the Eumig museum gave me a copy of and you have there a P8 Imperial made in 1966 in a series of 4500. So yes it is a later model. i found series as late as 1967 so it not the latest version but as often happened with the p8, they were made for 13 years with so many changes.

      as for the serial numbering. eumig started in 1931 with number 1 and counted up until 1985. So the first p8 did not have a number 1 but a number they were at with their numbers. so 1,3 million p8's with a serial that starts with 19 million is correct. but foldaway arms and just the forward switch in combination with late 60's auto load mechanism is a weird version indeed. i do have a sort of similar one, late 60's but with the old short automatic loader and no zoom lens, just forward switch. only the serial number plate is missing so i cannot define its age exactly


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        I snapped this one off fleebay the other week as hadn't seen one before. Arrived to day with a seased drive shaft. So spent a bit of time on thos instead of the 710. Running fine now. No film sent through yet though.
        I've looked for info or a manual - nothing!
        Click image for larger version

Name:	20210817_201606.jpg
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Size:	102.8 KB
ID:	40752
        Eumig Wien Type P8 CSA APPR NR 13734
        serial 412296 110-240V imported from USA
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          I have never seen a P8 like your new one.
          Can we please see the operating side.


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            Certainly Maurice. I'll get some pictures up tonight, UK time! I was collecting the P8 on a bit of an OCD whim and thought I'd covered the range and this popped up! The wheel is the speed govener and the switch is the on off for it's function. As far as I know. It's an Imperial.


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              I suggest that this could almost have been a prototype Imperial. I bought an Imperial brand new in 1959 which had the tape system that we all know.
              It used the A1/186 lamp.


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                Maurice some pictures. I got the item off a general stores seller on ebay from Ohio. All it came with was as shown. They never tested it and it was stuck fast when I got it.
                Click image for larger version

Name:	20210818_154717~2.jpg
Views:	246
Size:	67.8 KB
ID:	40782 Serial info:
                Click image for larger version

Name:	20210818_155121~2.jpg
Views:	262
Size:	63.7 KB
ID:	40784 The mechanisum:
                Click image for larger version

Name:	20210818_154943~2.jpg
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Size:	75.0 KB
ID:	40786
                The model:
                Click image for larger version

Name:	20210818_154904~2.jpg
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Size:	88.5 KB
ID:	40788
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                  Thank you, Stuart
                  It does seem to have an odd system for speed control by the passing quarter inch audio tape.
                  The eventual system installed was much more compact.
                  As I said before, possibly one of their prototypes which did not work to a user's satisfaction.
                  At least Eumig got it right first time with the operating side.


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                    o wow, that type of tape synchronizer i have never seen before. cool find!what is the serial number? i cannot see what the first digit is on the picture


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                      Hi Erik. 412296. Thank you for the "o wow" compliment and your 610D video. Inspired me to get one and it arrived today. I'll make a walk around video soon. Share the info ​​​​​​. Thanks agin.


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                        The serial numbers list says it is a P8 Imperial from 1957.


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                          Originally posted by Erik Snel View Post
                          The serial numbers list says it is a P8 Imperial from 1957.
                          My P8 Imperial was purchased new in 1959 and was the same design as all the later versions.
                          Obviously the one shown didn't last very long.


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                            Thanks Erik. I now have an age for it. 64 years!


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                              true maurice, but it sometime happens a device is allready a few years old before it was sold. my great aunt bought an Eumig Viennette 1 around 1975, it was produced ten years earlier and was lying on a shelf all those years