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  • Eumig 824 Sonomatic Question

    I have a question about the wiring of the line output socket on the Eumig 824 Sonomatic. I have a Eumig 820 Sonomatic and the wiring for the line output DIN plug is specified in the manual as pin 2 and 3. Is it the same for the 824? I do not have an 824 manual.

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    Page 27 says "Line output for amplifier, terminals 2 and 3."


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      Thanks so much Maurice. I wanted to be sure before I plugged in my existing connector (for the 820).


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        Glad to help.
        The 824 is the favourite of my many Eumig projectors.


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          Me too Maurice! It's a gorgeous looking machine and designed and built so very well. Simple compact design, easy to run, good performance and trouble free. Top of the line of the 800's. What more can you really want in a movie projector for the home? The 938 of course is superior on several levels, but the 800's are so damn good at what they are intended to do.


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            I like the 824 in principle but I had to laugh in order to not cry, upon seeing Paul's reference to them being trouble free! My first one developed a malfunction so serious that renowned Eumig repair specialist John White found it a major challenge and ended up replacing a major part of the interior. That fixed the issue in question but it has since had the common slowing down and stopping problem that one day I'll get round to trying to address, having seen various tips on this forum. Then, in October 2019, I bought another one at an event, that looked in good condition and apparently hadn't been heavily used. I saw it demonstrated and all appeared fine. The very first time I tried using it at home, problems developed and I'm yet to run a single film using it!


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              Ade. That sounds like a story when I purchased a new Sankyo 800 stereo. It was packed out with dry solder joints out of the box.

              This is my favorite Eumig and No 10 in my production run although I'm beginning to loose count.
              Click image for larger version  Name:	LMEumig.jpg Views:	0 Size:	28.8 KB ID:	31345

              Paul. I fitted a Analogue to Optical Digital audio block in this one so to gain a single digital connection to my AV amp.


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                Regarding the 824 Sonomatic - I was wondering how it compares to say both the Eumigs S810 HQS and the 810-D Lux 🤔

                And which of the three is, overall, the superior and more reliable projector??


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                  Well I can take you back to 1972 when the Eumig obsession, sorry I mean popularity reely lifted off. As a guide here in the UK the majority film making clubs were decked out with Eumig sound projectors from its members and the two clubs I belonged to was no different. They were popular for a reason and often called 'work horses'.

                  The most common and popular machine to be seen by mid 70's was most certainly the 810D daul gauge model which was a nice upgrade from the 807D which was the one I got as a working boy entertainer. My funds at the time couldn't quite stretch to the 810D back then.

                  If I were looking for a nice Eumig today I would recommend the later version of the 810D or the 822D/824D Sonomatic. But as with all things it depends how loved a machine has been and cared for.

                  Very fond of my 807D's from a sentimental point of view being my first reel projectors but have been gradually reducing my collection of 30 now down to 20.

                  The 810D LUX is a rare one which has the F1 lens in and traditional twist the lens focusing. When they came up with HQS on them it was mainly about a increase in power output.

                  A word on the 824 Sonomatic. I've seen many problems with the black plastic sprocket retainers cracking and splitting in more recent years, I don't know if it was over tightening of the microscopic Allen bolts or perhaps faulty plastic in production that cases the split to happen. Worth keeping an eye on that.


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                    Sorry to hear of Adrian's bad experience with the Eumig 800's. I have an 807,820, and 824. Not one of them has ever given me any electronic problems, the only two problems encountered being the infamous slipping disc and the cracked sprocket holder that Lee mentioned. Both of these are really easy fixes, and the disc problem is actually more of a routine maintainance issue.
                    Compared with the trials I have been through with my GS1200's I call the Eumig's super reliable.

                    Lee, that A to D converter is a great idea, I will have to look into that for my prized 824.


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                      There are, at least, two items on the 824 over the earlier models that I like about it.
                      1) Two level light switch (Low & High)
                      2) A Tone control


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                        Chancing fate but the only problem I have had with my GS1200's is one cracked rewind gear the oldest one being aged 38 next week 😍 Biggy next year when my first Eumig 807D is 50 . That Eumig HID 860 must be the most souped up one around. HID lamp, 2 blade shutter, re capped and Digital sound all in one teeny box.
                        My 2 blade GS1200 is also HID and Digital sound enjoying the excellent sound from the new film releases.