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    Hello All. I'm a bit dim when it comes to electrics. If I buy a Xenpow 150w HID Lamp and a suitable ballast how easy is it to wire up? Does the ballast come with instructions on where to stick the wires or are there any wires included? If not, what wiring do I need?


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      I can't help with wiring details, I am sure others will be able to help you.

      However, it's not just the HID 150 lamp and a ballast you need. The lamp has to remain on for the duration of your show, it cannot be switched on and off like a conventual lamp. For this you will need a fan which can stay on as long as the lamp is on.

      Also, for reel changes you will need a dowser to cut off the light beam.


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        The lamp comes with leads attached and the ballast connectors are labelled.


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          Could the ballast and lamp not be wired independently from the projector and controlled by a separate on/off switch?


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            I think at least one I have seen was. The 16mm one may have been integrated, of course there is more space in a 16mm projector and the still picture filter is good enough as a dowser. If not I solid metal plate can replace it in the holder.

            That said the HID lamp is not something to turn on and off as it takes time to warm up to full output and needs to cool down after before turning on again I believe, like a MARC 300.


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              I have such a lamp in my 16mm Bell & Howell 644. The conversion was done by my service engineer.

              A newly installed electric fan comes on as soon as the projector is connected to the mains. The lamp has its own switch installed on the panel where the volume and other controls are.

              The original still device perforated shutter has been replaced with a solid metal one. The original lamp switch position now controls the up and down of this newly created dowser. This is achieved by rewiring the still device mechanism.

              The original fan for the 1000 watt lamp was removed to make room for the ballast. The condenser lens have been removed from their hinge down assembly to provide a lamp holder for the HID 150.

              The advantage in using this lamp is the fabulous white light which it produces. This helps faded colour films.
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                Maurice, Thanks for the info. You are a legend!


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                  Thank you, Colin, for the kind comment.
                  You will see that conversion to use a Xenpow HID-150 is not achieved by just buying the lamp and a ballast.