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Yamaha sound bites the dust

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  • Yamaha sound bites the dust

    For many years I have used Yamaha audio equipment to produce my film sound for my theater after 30 years the two pieces seem to die at the same time only weeks apart I have been on a month-long journey to find a replacement I am pleased to announce I am now using Marantz processors for unbelievable super eight sound quality

    Model # SR7005
    Model # SR7011

    You can Google those models to get specs.

    in the picture below you can see one in the upper left far corner and the second one to the immediate right

    my goodness I am a happy camper!
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    Just sampled one of my homemade promo dvd short reels. Some of the BEST sound I've ever heard!


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      Well done Chip, that sound equipment looks incredible!


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        Hey Paul come HERE and see it! I'm assuming that you have had the 2 jabs in the arm and by the 14th of this month I will have done the same!

        please come visit

        I promise I won't run any Roger Rabbit!



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          ... and just WHAT is wrong with Roger? (now, that is a super 8 title I have been looking for, for a long time)!


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            I could be wrong but I think Paul once said that he did not care for the character?


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              That's right, I found Roger Rabbit to be a really annoying character. I had a print of Rollercoaster Rabbit and sold it after one viewing!


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                I'm with you Paul ... Roger Rabbit to me is as annoying as Jar Jar Binks, but there are those who love both of these characters 😁


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                  -Great animated feature! Where else will you ever see Bugs Bunny on screen with Mickey Mouse, plus both Donald and Daffy Ducks?

                  -Annoying Character: absolutely!

                  While we're at it, is there anybody else here that can't stand Woody Woodpecker?!

                  My wife's favorite cartoon character is Casper the Friendly Ghost. (Where have I gone wrong?!)