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Sankyo 1000 Bulb stopped working

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  • Sankyo 1000 Bulb stopped working

    Hi, I recently purchased a sankyo 1000, it had just been fitted with a new belt but we worked out the bulb was blown. Bought two new ones, put one in, all worked great. Watched a few reels, put another reel on, the bulb wouldn't work. Tried the new bulb, wouldn't work. Any idea on what could be wrong?


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    The lamp socket may be going bad. You would need to wire in a new one which isn't all that hard to do. The socket where the bulb fits into wears with age and will corrode over time. This creates a non-connection which will cause the bulb not to work. You could also just have corrosion built up inside. In that case all you need to do is clean the socket with some contact cleaner. If you don't have that you can try to scrape away any corrosion from the socket itself.


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      You say you have a Sankyo 1000.
      I assume it's a Sankyo Dualux 1000-H
      If it is, this is what what you need. A competent person can join the lead to the projector's existing lead.
      Lamp Holder with silicon base (withstands heat better than ceramic). Fitted with 30 cm cable. For GZ6,35 lamps. - Medlamps


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        The sankyo 1000 uses the 8v 50w spaceman type lamp which are expensive and don’t last very long, the 1000H uses the far better 12v 100w halogen.


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          As Jason reminds us, the 1000 uses the now rare, and expensive, lamp once known as a Mae West.
          Whereas, the later model 1000-H uses the well known, and relatively cheap, halogen A1/231 (EFP).


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            What is the difference between the 1000H and the later 2000H models?


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              Not a lot.
              1000-H has speeds of 14-22 fps, whereas the 2000H has 12-24 fps, plus slow motion of 5-7 fps.
              Also, the 2000-H includes slow motion and extra speed rewind.