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    This would have also been relevant in a 16mm section but I've put it here because people naturally associate Marketing with Super 8.

    Last year, Film Collector magazine had an interesting article that said someone had bought the rights to use the Marketing Film name and had actually released a film in a nice Marketing-style box. The article said Super 8 releases were a possibility but the first release was a recent animated short on 16mm - which surprised me because Marketing, to my knowledge, never released anything on 16mm in any country.

    I looked forward to hearing more about this revival of a famous name, but I've found no website or any details online, so I don't even know how collectors could support the release(s) by placing an order, although I'll try to find the article as it might have indicated an email address. It seems odd, unless I've missed an announcement, that this release hasn't been publicised here or via certain other sites/groups. So, I wondered if any members know anything beyond the article and can perhaps point the way to more information? And has anyone bought the first Marketing release since the early 1980s?

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    Its funny that you mention this Adrian. A few months ago on Ebay I saw a listing in the 16mm section along the lines you describe. It was a release of a PIXAR short and the packaging was very reminicent of Marketing films packaging. It was a surprise to see this and I considered it to be a spoof or mistake, as it had not been mentioned on this forum which I thought would be first with the news! I dismissed it.


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      I saw that too! I hope that there will be new marketing films released! Come to think of it, I wonder if someone can buy the Derann label and make new Derann releases?


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        There is actually a review by Eberhard Nuffer of this new "Marketing Film" release on 16mm in the current issue of Steve Osborne's magazine. Andreas Eggling of Germany is the individual who bought the rights to the brand. The animation is a CGI short produced by the open source Blender Institute and released under the Creative Commons regulations.

        I believe this is the one that was reviewed by Eberhard:


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          Thanks for the information. Although I'm not a big fan of CGI animation, that seems a good choice for a relatively economical release. and it certainly packs a lot into 2.5 minutes! If Andreas released it on Super 8, I'd hope it would sell, especially with the novelty of Marketing-style packaging.


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            I have those new 16 mm releases and can Say the quality is very good. Films came unspooled, I added a core to be able to keep the superb boxes. Don't look at the tablecloth 😉

            Click image for larger version

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              Andreas Eggeling himself wrote something about his "Big Buck Bunny" Marketing release in the 16mm section:


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                That all looks very interesting and promising! 🙂🤞


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                  By pure coincidence, I picked-up this a few weeks ago. I like all the different 'packaging' and Marketing's was amongst the very best! 🙂