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  • God Save the Queen - centa Classics

    Hi. Another question folks

    Ive come across a 50ft Super 8 of God Save the Queen from Centa Classics.

    I know a few super 8 films ened with a short national anthem at the end (eg Genevieve) but ive never come across a specific reel with just God Save the Queen as a specific release. Anyone come across this one before ?

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    You choosed the good day to start this thread 😉 (for non-European members, I'l remind it's Brexit day, today). I haven't come across a God Save The Queen on super 8 but I have such a trailer on 9,5 and I even have a (still on 9.5)God Save The King one.
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      I think I've seen something like this in an old Derann catalogue, John - I have it spliced onto the end of something, but I can't remember what. HRH on horseback, if I recall correctly.


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        The Queen on horseback (Trooping the Colour?) is the most common. On 16mm it was available in both short and long versions, and in Technicolor. Very similar version on 9.5mm, and a King trailer on 9.5mm, but this, as Dominique says, features a still photo of the late King VI. The 9.5mm were in black & white.



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          I've got two on Super 8 and two on 16mm. One of the latter is an old b/w one and I think the other is Technicolor. One of my Super 8 versions was a Derann release, and probably the same one that John mentions. I think the other was included on one of the CHC Nostalgia Reels. It would be interesting to know if the Centa Classics release (which would have been sold by the Widescreen Centre) is the same as the Derann or CHC releases.