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Eumig S905 help please

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  • Eumig S905 help please

    I have inherited a Eumig S905 from my late Father in Law and I’m trying to see if it works properly before I can offer it for sale.

    I have plugged it in and can get the reel spinning but the main bulb doesn’t work. I had a spare bulb which I replaced it with but not sure if that bulb was good as the light still doesn’t come on.

    I have no idea what to try next - does anyone have access to an instruction manual that may assist me or would any of you be able to suggest what I could try next. I don’t any 8mm films to run through it so I’m unable to check that the mechanisms work.

    It appears to be in really good condition other than the above so I would to get it working properly. As you can probably tell from the above I am not very au fait with this technology!

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Hi Kevin
    you could try putting the bulb in and out a few times to clean up the pins and bulb holder contacts, it may just have some oxidation on it ,the bulb all being well could spring into life.

    Failing that if you have a multi meter see if it has power going to it, Mark


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      The lamp holder may have to be replaced as its contacts could have corroded.
      Lamp Holder with silicon base (withstands heat better than ceramic). Fitted with 30 cm cable. For GZ6,35 lamps. - Medlamps

      You can get manuals from Oldtimer Cameras.
      Eumig S 905 Printed Manual (


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        OK - finally got round to looking at this. Cleaned the lamp holder contacts and the lamp now works although it is quite dim. Not sure if this means the bulb needs replacing, if the contacts needs cleaning more or if there is something else?

        Any further advice appreciated.


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          What is the lamp's rating? it should be a 12volt 100 watt GZ6,35 EFP bulb. often i find the wrong lamp inside, for instance a 20 watt halogen spotlight from the local hardware store with an extra glass in front of the bulb and a facetted reflector. if so, replace it with the right lamp


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            Here is the lamp you need:-
            Osram A1/231 12v 100w EFP - £3.75 plus vat - Light Bulbs 2 U


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              Many thanks guys - I’ll order up a lamp.