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Two different eumig suprogon lenses

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  • Two different eumig suprogon lenses

    I have two different eumig lenses, both are called suprogon.I thought each different eumig lens had a different name.The first is the familiar 1.2 12.5- 25mm zoom found on the 824 & 810 lux.The other is a 1.1 12.5mm fixed which i have never seen before and must be earlier as it has a screw type threaded metal barrel, i’m not sure which model it originally came with.The 1.1 fixed is quite a lot brighter than the zoom one, also at the same projecting distance using the same projector the image on the 1.1 fixed is a bit bigger than the zoom one set at 12.5mm so one is either over or under 12.5mm.

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    Interesting! i have never seen that left one, curious to find out from which projector it came. having a screwthread it should be from a Mark or a 700 but being fixed zoom is rare as most of them are with focus


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      I always thought the suprogon zoom a much better lens than the standard f 1.3. I bet that non zoom f 1,1 is even better .


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        The 18mm f/1.8 prime lens which was an option on the Eumig Mk501D was said to be better definition that most of their zoom lenses at the time.


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          Also the 1.1 25mm non zoom that came standard with the uk version of the mark DL gives a very good bright picture but the image is a bit small from a short throw. Could this 1.1 12.5mm have been an option for the mark DL. Is it mentioned in the instruction booklet as being an option ?.