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Elmo GS1200 lenses and mark question

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  • Elmo GS1200 lenses and mark question

    I am proud owner of a GS1200 I acquired recently. I have given it quite some maintenance but I don’t understand the whole lens thing. What different lenses are available for the GS? What are the values on the lens for a short distance lens and a long room distance lens? I do have a scope lens that works and the lens I have projects a large image at 6 - 9 feet room distance.

    by the way I also would like to be able to determine the ‘mark’ of my machine. Is it an older manufactured one or one of the more late productions? How do I determine?

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    The Elmo GS-1200 was supplied with an f1.1, 12.5-25mm lens. For an extra cost an f1.0, zoom lens was available. A long distance zoom lens of f1.4, 25-50mm was also available.

    There were three variations, 1, 2, & 3. Both models 1 & 2 had a forwards facing loop below the picture gate, whereas the later model 3 had its loop facing rearwards.

    At the 12.5mm setting you will get the largest picture.


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      On the mk3 model lower loop former is facing backwards, also the head presser will have an alloy sleeve in the fitting where this swings towards the sound head, as this area tends to be a weak spot on the gs and cracks, upgraded to stop this happening. F1.0 lens is a beauty, and a long throw 1.2 is brilliant too, depends on your requirements.........


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        Here is a selection of Elmo lenses available for the GS. The only ones missing are the Schneider 1.1 which is not made by Elmo and hard to find if its the one with the Elmo sized barrel coming direct from the factory, and the 1.4 zoom. The sharpest lens is the 1.2/1.4, followed by the 1.0, 1.1, 1.3. If you can find the 1.0 lens its really a technical marvel. Images are sharp edge to edge - I was able to confirm this with the SMPTE film for Super 8. Click image for larger version  Name:	LENSCOMBO_zpslp1wvyym.JPG Views:	0 Size:	71.0 KB ID:	32767
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          I got the 1.1


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            I saw your youtube Videos of repairing on your Elmo and i think you have a MK II Machine from the early 80´s. Please have a look on the Main Motor. There is the Date stamped on when the Motor was made. So then you are near to the production Year of your machine. Watch out for the Elmo 1:1,0 Zoom. It´s brighter than the 1:1,1 you have.


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              Well the main motor has 1978 on it. Wow this is an older baby then! Probably 1979 or perhaps 1980?