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The Weird Experience of The Shattered Bulb

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  • The Weird Experience of The Shattered Bulb

    As most of you probably do, I rotate my main projectors periodically to keep them all in working order. The last time I had a show with my Sankyo 800 was not that long ago and was successful.... no problems at all.

    Anyway, I still decided last night that it was its turn to perform. Fortunately for me in this case, it did not have its lens attached, so I borrowed one from my 700. Opening the side panel, I was shocked to see that the bulb had shattered into several large pieces. The bulb itself was not damaged, but the reflector bit was in about 3 large pieces. I am at a loss as to what happened. As I say, it was fine the last time I used it. The only possibility I can think of is that the top metal rod on the projector bracket that holds the bulb into place had been too strong and caused it to shatter. I have never experienced this in all my 45+ years in the hobby.
    On hindsight, it's a good job I had taken the side off to fit the lens. Imagine if not and I had loaded a film, switched on, then........?!

    Anybody any thoughts ?

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    Probably a small crack which widened with heat and use, perhaps the lamp holder was pushed on after the lamp when originally installed. The instructions state that the lamp holder be inserted before the whole lamp is put forward and anchored with the retaining spring.

    Also, these lamps often are supplied in rather tight boxes which could cause the mirror to crack if the box was slightly crushed.


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      Thank you for that, Maurice. Another possibility !

      Please see the photo of the offending bulb. I just wish I had taken it when it was still in the projector. But, hey ho....!

      Click image for larger version

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        There must have been quite some pressure for the mirror to break like that. It looks quite thick.
        I once had the "innards" of such a lamp work loose, but never any problems with a mirror.


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          Maurice - It was as though someone had come along and hit it with one of those little hammers used for breaking hard toffee. As I said, I had no problems the last time I had used it. I am just relieved that I spotted it before projecting a film.


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            One of the wartime "Gremlins" from the Bugs Bunny cartoons with a tiny hammer would be my (comical) thought on this.