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Derann and the Disney deal ...

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  • Derann and the Disney deal ...

    I am going to hopefully track down an answer to a question I have always had ... Derann closed it's doors in 2011, but when did they stop releasing new prints of Disney titles? The reason why I ask, is 'Atlantis: The lost Empire' came out in 2001. It was a heck of a slam bang action flick, and in scope! Did Disney only allow for pre 2000 features to be released on super 8, or did Derann lose rights to new releases, but could still release from they're existing negatives?

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    It was rather complicated. The main thing that ended this was the loss of Film Lab North and I can't remember when that happened. I would imagine that the Disney deal was complex and they had to use negatives supplied from Disney in the US. I'm sure Ged has written about it and the fuller story may be in an edition of Film Collecting.