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Bell & Howell 471A clicking when running

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  • Bell & Howell 471A clicking when running

    A few plastic pieces about half an inch long fell out while repairing and now the projector clicks loudly when running forward or reverse. I've isolated that the part with the teeth positioning the film are knocking into the center wheel so I assume the plastic bits are guards to prevent that but can't figure out where they are supposed to go..
    When feeding film, the film shakes between two frames since it looks like those teeth don't recede back in when they move up (as I'd assume they should)
    ​​​Does anyone know where these plastic bits go?

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    Hi Kevin...Did those parts fall out while you were working on the front or rear of the projector? I have a similar projector and nothing like those parts are located in the front. I'm not following some of your parts terminology so perhaps I'm not looking in the right area of the projector. Can you take a picture a little further back so to get more perspective of the area in question?

    This is where I was looking...

    Click image for larger version  Name:	BH Gagte.jpg Views:	0 Size:	68.3 KB ID:	3340
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      They fell out from the back (back picture uploaded). In this video, you can see me point to about where they fell out from as well as hear the sound it makes:

      Based on your picture, I circled the part I was mentioning
      These teeth look like they should stick out, drag the film down, then recede, move up, to do it again, but instead just shake the film up and down without receding.

      ​​​sorry about my terminology as I'm just getting familiar with everything


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        Bummer...I was hoping not to have to take off the back cover's such a pain. I'll see what I can do tomorrow....watching the Super Bowl right now. BTW... what you call the teeth is called the "claw" (B&H calls it the "shuttle") and yes it should behave as you described. If those small pieces of plastic broke off from something...that would not be good. The clicking sound sounds like the shutter being out of position and hitting against something. The shutter moves when in the forward or reverse position and also when you manually turn the inching knob. The claw and the shutter generally work in unison. So if the shutter is not moving smoothly...that will effect the movement of the claw. Something either broke or is misaligned.
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          Janice Glesser any chance you'd be able to look or know someone who might know?


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            Hi Kevin...So sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I just had too many other projects that required attention. Tonight I took a look at my projector and although it looks very similar there maybe some minor differences. That being the case...I did try to locate where those parts may have been located on my projector. Unfortunately I couldn't see anything that looked like those pieces. I took a few pictures, but I doubt if they will be too helpful. I think as I mentioned above....that the shutter assembly is out of alignment. I've only done bulb conversions on these machines so I can't help you with that type of adjustment.

            You might try contacting George Tveden. He is very knowledgeable with these Bell & Howell projectors. He sells a conversion light bulb unit to replace the expensive bulbs on his website. I have no affiliation with George or anything he sells, but in brief correspondence a few years ago I found him to be a good guy and very helpful. He also is on Facebook and on YouTube as "Hardluckcharlie."

            Try contacting George thru his website:

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              Thank you for taking the back off and taking a look!
              i thought this would be a tough one to find since it's so packed in there.
              I'll give contacting him a shot