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Correction: HID conversion kit for Elmo GS-1200/ST-1200 available from The Reel Image

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  • #31 change reels, I simply pull down the clutch. Yes, a small amount of light reaches the screen whilst the clutch is down, but this is fine. I can then rewind, or thread another film without switching off the lamp, though the clutch must be up so full light reaches the screen. That doesn't bother me at home, but for a public show, I would simply put a lens cap over to stop all light. This exact projector was used at the Blackpool event (on the Friday night) a few years ago. But, at that time, the lamp was controlled by a separate switch, not the projector's main switch. This was not ideal as it was possible to have the lamp on with the projector and fan off. This is now impossible, thanks to the fact that the lamp is controlled by the main switch.


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      Thanks for your explanation, Simon. I never use that part of the projector (on one of my Buckingham, it has even been removed and on the other one due to the blade shutter position, different than on 16mm, it's not possible to pull down). I would have thought the HDI lamp is a little bit longer than the original one and that it would not be possible to pull the clutch because of the filter coming just in front of the lamp but obviousely on your projector it's not a problem, good news :-). A permanent cooling (the fan automatically on when you plug the projector in) would be a less risky solution (as I'm not sure on the long term pulling the clutch down too often is good for the mechanism but since you have used this for years without trouble, I may worry for nothing) to use the projector more traditionaly but not sure if it's easy to set. You did well, anyway to make sure the lamp cannot be on with the fan off as it would be easy to be in trouble with a too hot lamp. Even with the original lamp and the fan on, the gate is very hot (and so is the film), so without fan...


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        A few years ago there was a sale of HID lighting kits going cheap. After looking at the box I thought this might work. I cut a hole in the mirror just enough for the lamp to slide back and forth

        After setting up the lamp as a trial, I switch it on, the lamp did not ignite properly mmmmm after some thought the penny dropped I was using a AC transformer, this being for a car was DC. I found a transformer that could supply 12VDC 8 amps. That worked so away I went fitting and adjusting it to the GS1200, however although stated it was suppose to be a pure white light, I was getting that light blue look, so I gave up on using a car HID kit, so it was back to my Osram ELC.

        It was worth a try as the kit was really cheap, one day I might return to all this but for the moment the ELC lamp will do.
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