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    Hi there!
    I am new at this forum.
    First, a little bit about myself and my 8mm experience. I am a big “analog” fan when it comes to anything from turntables, tube amps, pocket watches, stereo photo cameras and for few years now 8mm cameras/films. Not a fan of Super 8 (basically wanted to stick with just one format). I have quiet a few 8mm cameras in my collection (all working and film tested) One of them is this BEAULIEU MAR8. I filmed on it using just a manual exposure adjustment, but want to find out what kind of battery/cell is used on this camera to make the “automatic” function alive? First, I can’t find where the battery might be. All I see is this little screwed in cover for a strange cell. I can’t take it out and see what it is. All attempts to find a manual for this camera online failed. If anyone has any knowledge about this subject, I’d love to hear that. Thanks!