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Rewind on Braun Nizo camera - (Super 8 in camera double exposure?)

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  • Rewind on Braun Nizo camera - (Super 8 in camera double exposure?)

    Hi Everyone!

    Trust that you're all well!

    Just a quick question in regards to the rewind button on the braun super 8 cameras or rewind button on any super 8 cameras. Have they ever worked for anyone? Anytime I try to use it it seems to mess up my camera. Not sure if they are designed for a certain cartridge that's able to do this.

    Has anyone ever been able to do a double exposure for super 8 in camera?

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    Have a read of the attached.

    rewinding carts? - Super-8 -


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      Yes, that button on the top of the Nizo Professional & 800 series marked "R" is for lap dissolves. The end of one shot is double exposed with the start of the next.

      I have had a lot of success, rarely a problem unless the cartridge is too near the start or end of the film in it.


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        Hi Mark Norton thank you ! do you have any examples of footage to see what it looks like? do you have to change the exposure slightly so that the image doesn't overexpose?


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          Hi Daniel, as you approach the end of the scene or shot you are filming press down the "R" button on top of the camera, then secondly release the trigger.

          Keep the camera on your subject as it will carry on filming for a couple of seconds as does an automatic fade out. It will then automatically rewind the film back in to the cartridge, shutter closed, ready to automatically fade in the next time you depress the trigger.

          Exposure is all automatically done by the camera, it's a very nice effect & one of the main benefits for me for filming with a Nizo Professional.