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Bauer T1S Framing Issue

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  • Bauer T1S Framing Issue

    Hi All! I just acquired this Projector. After taking the case off I see a broken top feed arm gear. in 3 pieces laying at bottom of projector tray... Belt is in great shape and no dried grease. Appears adequate lubrication on remaining gears. Has power and Lamp is really bright! Did a test run with a super8 reel and WOW! what a difference in quality image then my Bell and Howell 471A! ISSUE: The framing is off - vertically - I see no framing adjustment knob like my B&H has.... Anyone have knowledge? The only Manual I find online is in German

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    for future Reference : the gear in upper arm can be purchased here:


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      Van Eck can also supply a Usual Manual in a PDF file by email for the Bauer T1S Royal. In four languages, including English. Cost €3.99 (Euros).



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        It does have a framing "Lever". It is underneath the front part of the handle. Thanks Maurice for pointing out the Van Eck link...however, that was not the correct manual ("This supplement contains only those points in which the T 1 S Royal differs trom the T 1 S") After a back and forth Edward Van Eck mailed a PDF of manual for Bauer T1M which had the correct info I needed. I mistakenly thought from the beginning that lever was for switching between 8mm and Super8... which begs the question: How does it know how to switch between formats? I do not have standard 8mm movies so I may not need to know the answer...


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          Now to order the upper arm gear... and I see the worm gear has a crack going lengthwise! Van Eck also sells that one too! Oh lord...wonder if I can find a service manual


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            Just ordered the Upper arm gear and the worm gear. Should I video my repair? I will most likely title it 'how not to repair a Bauer Projector'

   post (2 posts above) I had another error as this Projector is only for Super 8!