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2 month delay for new Super 8mm prints

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  • 2 month delay for new Super 8mm prints

    If you've recently ordered a new Super 8mm release, chances are good that you will not be receiving your print till September. Repair work is needed on one of the machines involved in the striping process and replacement parts will unfortunately not be available for at least a month. Everyone involved (printing/striping/recording) will do their best when the production line starts up again to get those prints out, however at this point September looks to be the earliest month of delivery.

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    Thanks Doug. I'm hoping my print got striped and shipped before the problems.


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      Unfortunately, I am imagining a PILE of Super 8 films queued up for Alberto in italy - ready for striping.

      I could be wrong.

      But the process is not known for speed - given all the moving parts and destinations. The folks taking the orders are quick - its the process form that part forward that's time consuming AND sprinkled into that slowed or delayed deliveries by post.

      But, that's the way it is and I am fine on waiting to get a superior Super 8mm finished product.


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        All good things are worth waiting for and we sure have had it good this last couple of years. 😎 Sounds like it will be ready in time for CHRISTMAS TRL REEL No II and REEL FRIGHTS FOR HALLOWEEN releases.
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          Does anyone know whether or not the machine that Alberto uses to stripe Super 8mm film has been repaired?


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            David Baker has posted an update about this.


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              Doug - thanks I just saw that. Alberto must have a pretty big pile of film to start striping soon. Fingers crossed.