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Eumig Mark S-712 Motor Mount Alignment - help needed (demo video provided)

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  • Eumig Mark S-712 Motor Mount Alignment - help needed (demo video provided)

    I acquired a Eumig Mark S-712 projector a few months ago, replaced the motor mounts with a set from Van Eck, read all the old posts about aligning the motor and am just about to give up. I have a video showing the problem:

    Eumig motor mount alignment problem demo - YouTube

    I can get the rewind gears/spindle to work, but the takeup spindle will not engage - although the gear spins. I have the screws hold the motor mount bracket loose in this video and can press on the right side of the mount to engage the forward gears. I can tighten things down if I can figure out how to engage the actual spindle for the takeup reel. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Hi Tom, your projector is working correctly - the rear take up spindle is not supposed to run when rewinding the film or running reverse projection. There is a thin metal clutch plate in the gear assembly that is designed to engage the rear take up spindle ONLY when the projector is in normal FORWARD running mode.


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      Thanks, Paul. I may have misstated the issue: when I engage the forward switch to the run position, the rear spindle does not turn. In the video, when I press down on the left side of the motor mount, the gears turn in the forward position, but the spindle does not turn to advance the film for viewing.
      The reverse or rewind gear seems to work fine with the spindles turning to rewind the film.


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        I can't tell exactly what is wrong from your video, but two things I did notice are as follows: pushing down on the right side of the motor is making contact with the right disc, which is the reverse disc and the reason the takeup spindle does not turn..if you push down on the left side of the motor, which controls the forward direction, the rear spindle should rotate.

        Secondly, those two long screws on each side of the motor should not be there. I believe those screws were to be removed by the user after buying the machine as stated in the owners manual...remove them as they will limit how far the motor can tilt, which may not be enough to drive both discs properly.



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          The manual for the S810 (which I assume also applies to the 712) states:-

          For safety in transport the motor is secured in its central position by two retaining screws which must be removed before connecting to the mains supply

          Joseph has mentioned this in his posting above.

          The supplied demo video clearly shows these still in position, this is why they have red tips.


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            Thank you very much. The screws were in the machine but screwed out so that they weren't touching the motor unit. I screwed them down thinking it would help with alignment. They are now back in the "up" position and I will again try to align the motor unit.


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              Okay, I'm about to break this projector down for parts. Are there any parts that are particularly useful to hobbyists in the forum that I should save (beside the motor mounts I bought)?


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                Wow wow wow, hold on a min Lets have a look see at the video. PS I'll have it and send it back once fixed


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                  Right - Your mount screws are lose.
                  Last edited by Stuart Budd; August 22, 2021, 01:32 PM.


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                    Sorry Tom, didn't see the gap between original post and your later update. Paul's post is correct. Motor contact on left disk spins right spool and vice versa.
                    For reference:

                    All the best.


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                      Stuart - I was able to get the motor aligned (somewhat), but there are other problems with this unit including the lamp which intermittently lights up and a broken holder that should clamp down on the feed spindle; a few other minor things. I know what the lamp problem is (contacts not consistently making good contact). Would be willing to donate this to someone who appreciates it and can fix it, but you're in the UK and shipping not inexpensive.
                      I've been slowly cleaning out my inventory of old projectors since I don't have the time (and eyesight) to fix them anymore.

                      BTW - your videos are great and should be of invaluable help for others facing this problem in the future.