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GAF Dual 8mm 2388Z Projector questions

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  • GAF Dual 8mm 2388Z Projector questions

    Hi everyone. I recently purchased a GAF 2388z - everything looked ok but the take up reel doesn't engage in the FORWARD position. So I took off the back and the 'tire' that turns the take up spindle in FORWARD was missing. No problem. I purchased a replacement belt and tire set.

    When it arrived I took out the small tire and slid it back on to the pulley it belonged. I did not replace the other belts or tire. Everything Works! Sort of....

    So now when I project film - the film 'jumps' as though the loop is lost but this projector does not have a loop. I noticed that if I stopped the take up spindle from turning for a few seconds - the 'jumping' completely stops and the projection is fine. It also only does this with SUPER 8mm - not on a Std 8mm. Not sure why that is....

    Anyway it sounds to me like the take up spindle is turning too fast - certainly there's more torque on it with the new tire.

    Is there a way to adjust this so it will turn but not so fast? As I said the film projects perfectly as long as the take up spindle is not 'pulling' on the film.

    I DID find a spring which holds tension against the take up reel. Seems adjustable by loosening the screw on a lever where the spring attaches. I played around with this - too much loosening then take up reel won't spin or will not auto take up film. I think I have found a happy medium where take up reel works and film in gate does not 'jump'. I also replaced the other tire and 2 belts just to be on the safe side as well. Seems to be working; but ... Am I on the right track or is there something else I should look at??

    Ideas? Thoughts?
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    Hello Phillip,

    Thanks for the GAF tips.

    I just bought a 2388z for my uncle and discovered a takeup reel problem too. Like yours, ours was missing the takeup tire. So I got the full kit like you did-mine came from EBay. Hopefully that gets us back in business.