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  • Donald in Mathmagic Land

    I know that this film was available on 16mm for many years via Disney Educational Media. But does anyone know if it has ever been released on Super 8? This was a film I first saw in school in the 1960’s and it made a great impression on me. It is available on a couple of Disney dvds but the quality is a little fuzzy, a top notch Super 8 print would be great.

    I’m assuming that many forum members will have fond memories of this particular title.

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    It is indeed a great film.
    I have a 16mm copy of this 1000ft film with the Disney Educational Media Company label. It is print number 178 of catalogue number 115.2831.
    It is a fabulous copy in great Technicolor.

    Click to watch : Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land (HD) - YouTube


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      I have never seen one, but I do know that in Italy, someone released on super 8 various Disney educational films. I have a few, such as "Get the Message" (directed by Ward Kimball), so it IS possible that it made it onto super 8, I just haven't seen one.


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        The only time I saw it was in secondary school - a 16mm print.